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Science Fair 

Projects are due Tuesday, January 8th (between 8:15 am and 9:00 am) 

For more information visit the Indian Hills Science webpage.

Hands-On Science

Every student at Indian Hills participates in the Hands-on Science program. The program’s lessons correlate directly to the student’s grade level science curriculum. This hands-on approach is designed to encourage students to explore science in a lab setting where scientific investigation fosters a deeper understanding of the science concepts being learned in the classroom.

The Indian Hill’s Science Specialist is a certified science teacher who uses classroom parent involvement to facilitate small group interactions. This small group exploration insures that all students interact with the science materials. Students are able to explore their science curriculum in depth as they become more familiar with scientific processes.

Every year at Indian Hills, Kindergartners receive 10 30-minute lessons, 1st – 3rd graders receive 10 45-minute lessons, and 4th – 6th graders receive 11 60-minute lessons. The Hands-on Science program purchased extensive science materials through BOOT donations, grants from the Utah Credit Union Education Foundation, and direct parent donations.

Lessons written and developed by the Indian Hills Science Specialist have been posted on the Beacon Heights webpage through a grant Beacon Heights received from Rio Tinto. The labs for each grade  can be accessed through the resource links

Through the support of the Indian Hills’ teachers, parents, and community, the students at Indian Hills identify themselves as young scientists. This confidence is crucial to their success as they advance in science.