Parent Teacher Association (PTSA)

PTA theme banner, we are strong


Our 2016-2017 PTA Theme is ……..#WeAreStrong! We look forward to continuing some of the excellent programs that make Indian Hills STRONG academically, artistically, socially and emotionally.  We are beneficiaries of a mighty public school community focused on enhancing the education of the whole student. Thanks for your support in strengthening our student Body.


Role Name Email Phone
President Lisa Johnson 801-403-9323
Vice President Rebecca Fredrick 801-520-5114
Vice President Jennifer Corbett 801-232-599
Vice President Liz Plumb 801-386-2457
Vice President Earl Arnoldson 801-584-2908
Secretary Kori Gunn 801-671-4162
Treasurer Kate Mattson 801-230-7984
Teacher Rep Tara Black 801-584-2908
Grade Liaison K      
Grade Liaison 1st      
Grade Liaison 2nd      
Grade Liaison 3rd      
Grade Liaison 4th      
Grade Liaison 5th      
Grade Liaison 6th      
Academic Support Liaison      


Thank You to our Fun Run Sponsors!

Fun Run Sponsor banner

The 6th annual Fun Run was a success!  The yearly fundraising goal was met.  Students had a great time running and dancing the “flash mob” at the end of the day.  Thank you to all the students, teachers,volunteers, and the PTA!  We are excited about this event as 100% of the money raised will be used to support Indian Hills’ students and teachers.  More specifically, this fundraiser money is used to pay for wonderful programs at our school, including our Hands-On-Science experiments, classes, and labs, offered by our Science Specialist.  We will also fund Artists in Residence to enrich the lives of students through art.  With the money raised, we will give each teacher a stipend to be used for academic purposes (i.e. pay for field trips buses and purchase books and supplies that directly benefit students).




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