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Awesome Author's Club! If you have a flair for writing or want to heighten your critical thinking skills & creative writing process, then apply for Indian Hills' Awesome Author's Club!  This is an extra-curricular activity that will boost your creative writing process in an inspiring environment.  Students will learn how to paint a picture with words.  Each month we will cover a different genre of writing.  Students in grades 3-6 may submit an application and 1 paragraph writing sample to be considered for the club.  We will meet on the first and second Tuesday of each month before school at 8:10 in room 318.  Please see Mrs. Chamberlain if you have any questions.  Applications are attached and are also available in room 318.  This club is limited to 8 authors.

Pokemon Club: 4th-6th graders! Come catch them all on the first Tuesday of every month during afternoon recess (2:00) in room #318.  Bring your Pokemon cards and spend time with others who also have a love of Pokemon!  If you have any questions, you can ask Mrs. Chamberlain or President of the club, Michael Hernandez, in 6th grade.  This club is limited to the first 15 students. *(This is not a school sponsored club.  Just for fun!)

Start stretching those brain muscles because Math Olympiads is here!  Participating in Math Olympiads means you will join a world wide program with students from 100 countries across 5 different continents!  Although, most of the time you will be competing against yourself.  Award ceremonies monthly with a final competition at the end of the year.  It will be held on the second Friday of the month.  Any 5th or 6th grader who has an interest, come join this amazing program!  It provides opportunities for you to engage in creative problem solving, focusing on important mathematical concepts, strategies for problem solving, creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.  There are award ceremonies and brain power to be won!  Come broaden your mathematical intuition and enthusiasm for problem solving!  This is limited to the first 12 students.  If you have any questions, see Mrs. Chamberlain, our school NELP teacher in room 318.  Again, this is for ANY student 5-6 grades; you do not need to be in ELP to join!


Becky Chamberlain

NELP Teacher, Whittier and Indian Hills Elementary

PTA Information

Hello Indian Hills Families! 

We hope you are enjoying Family Fun Week. We have loved seeing all the moms with their muffins and dads with their donuts. =) And we especially love the positive feedback from both the kids and the parents. 

Thursday - Eat Lunch with Your Kid -- There is one more chance to join your student at school this week. Tomorrow is "Eat Lunch with Your Kid" day. Click here for the complete lunch schedule. Jamba Juice will be available for purchase for $3. CASH ONLY. Also, Jamba Juice gives the school 20% of the proceeds, so that's an added bonus. Thank you for the wonderful support this week, and thank you to Trista Sterner and her committee for making it happen! 

Student Government Pet Food Drive -- Our student government is sponsoring a pet food drive this month. Please consider bringing a bag or cans of pet food for this kind effort. The collection spot is in the main lobby, opposite the office windows. You can make donations through Friday, January 26. 

Lower Grade Talent Show -- We have had to move the date of the lower grade talent show (grades K-3). It will be held on Friday, March 9. More information about signing up and rehearsals to come. 

2018-19 PTA Co-Presidents -- We are thrilled to announce that Miriam Jenson and Lindsay Stobbe have graciously given in to our begging and pleading to serve as PTA Co-Presidents next year. Please congratulate them (or offer condolences). ;) Thank you Miriam and Lindsay!!! 

February PTA Meeting - Evening -- In an effort to accommodate those who would like to participate in PTA meetings but cannot attend during school hours, we will hold our February meeting on February 8 @ 6:00 p.m. Please feel free to attend this evening meeting. We welcome all who want to be involved!

Box Tops -- An easy and essentially "free" way to support our school is through the Box Top program. Just clip and submit! We are going have a fun contest through this spring to see how many Box Tops we can collect as a school. You find them on various food and home items such as cereal or Zip Loc bags. The class that collects the most Box Tops will earn an extra recess! Each classroom has a collection bin or students can put them in the box on the table in the lobby. Please label each baggie of Box Tops with your student's teacher's name so their classroom gets the credit. We will keep students and parents posted from time to time throughout the spring on the progress of the competition. At the end we will announce the grand total of funds collected through this program and the winning classroom. Thank you to Misty Herbstritt for her willingness to take on this challenge, and for her passion for Box Tops! 

Science Fair: Science Fair entries are due January 29. It is an Excellent Eagle goal for some grades and it is required for other grades. All students are welcome to participate in the science fair.

Thank you! 

Lisa & Jamie


PTA Theme

PTA Theme

Elementary School Extended Learning Program (ELP) Assesment Information

Salt Lake City School District’s Extended Learning Program (ELP) Elementary Assessment Information The Salt Lake City School District's elementary Extended Learning Program (ELP) provides gifted educationalservicesfor identified gifted and high ability Kindergarten through grade six students. As part of the eligibility identification process for the 2018-2019 school year, parents of pre-k through grade five students may choose to have their child evaluated. This evaluation consists of both cognitive and academic assessments.

Students qualifying for an ELP placement have shown that they need an academic program that allows them to move more quickly, work with more complex concepts, and delve more deeply into academic content.

ELP services are available at all district elementary schools, with full-day Magnet classes at Emerson (dual immersion), Hawthorne, and Whittier Elementary schools. Testing is for the program, not a specific school. Parents may make a first, second, and third choice of school, but placement at a specific school is not guaranteed.

Please submit registration and disclosure statement form sto the district ELP office between December 6, 2017 and January 26, 2018. These forms are available on the district website,, at all district elementary schools, and through the ELP Office. You may contact Amy Burris, ELP Administrative Assistant, at 801-578-8573.

If you are interested in learning more about the Extended Learning Program, you may want to attend one of our Parent Information Meetings. These meetings will be held from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM:

  • Wednesday, January 10 at Hillside Middle School Auditorium, 1825 S Nevada Street,
  • Thursday January 11 at Northwest Middle School Auditorium, 1730 W 1700 N, and,
  •  Thursday, January 18 at the Salt Lake City School District offices, 440 E 100 S, Rooms 112-114.

The testing window for students entering Kindergarten through third grade will be from January 29 through March 1, 2018. The testing window for students entering grades four through six will be from February 20-23, 2018.

To be assessed for Magnet eligibility, grades K- 3, parents and students need to reside, and continue to reside within the Salt Lake City School District boundaries.

English & Spanish ELP Elementary School Extended Learning Program(ELP) Assessment Document

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