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Another Fantastic Day in our race for a new computer lab.

Indian Hills 500 race It was another great day at the IndianHillapolis 500. Our March Madness competition has pushed us over the $10,000 mark! Since January, the Scrip gift card program has raised $10,000.15! Fantastic! Thank you to everyone who has bought a gift card instead of using your credit card!

March Madness continues next week with the top 4 teams in a dead heat to see who will receive the ice cream/movie party and a new basketball for their class.

We have reached the playoff round. The top two teams in each bracket will receive an ice cream/movie party and a new basketball.

The 4 Teams moving on are:

Team Kiser with 55 cards sold yesterday, giving them a total of 135 cards sold in March

Team Mergens with 35 cards sold yesterday, totaling 108 cards sold in March

Team Harms with 32 cards sold yesterday, totaling 64 cards sold in March

Team Kinneberg PM with 12 cards sold yesterday totaling 64 cards sold in March.

Teams Kiser and Mergens will compete in the first bracket and Team Harms and Kinneberg PM who are in a dead heat tied at 64 cards each will compete in the second bracket. Good luck to our 4 teams. Winners will be announced next week.

To see the updated rules and how your class is doing click here.


Excellent Eagle Projects Due

All Projects for excellent eagle are due May 1. To get more information click here

Annual Assessment Approaches

Annual Assessment Approaches for the Salt Lake City School District Magnet Extended Learning Program for Gifted and Talented Students. If you are interested in requesting an ELP assessment for your child entering grades K-6th please call 801-578-8573 as soon as possible. Testing must be requested prior to February 21st, 2014. If you would like more information, go to the website or call.