Excellent Eagle

The Indian Hills Elementary Academic Enhancement Program is a grade level specific program designed to allow students to excel beyond the regular core curriculum.  The program promotes inquiry and self-directed learning.  Inquiry learning environments provide a foundation for deeper conceptual knowledge where investigation encourages thorough understanding of core concepts.  In the relatively short school year teachers struggle to cover the entire core curriculum.  The self-directed approach enables students to begin taking responsibility for their own learning and develop strategies for tackling perplexing challenges beyond the regular core curriculum.

The program will be known to students as the “Excellent Eagle Award” and is designed to allow every student in the school to participate.  Students who currently achieve high scores on state grade level testing will find the extended learning opportunities to be a fun and rewarding challenge.  Students who are at a proficient level, but languish below the top academic level will find the program helpful in improving knowledge of core concepts.  The program has also been designed to allow students in our academic support classes to participate and improve academic skills at a level that is appropriate yet challenging and fun.


The faculty and staff at Indian Hills encourage every student to participate and enjoy this exciting challenge.

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Book Report

3rd & 4th grade Special Education 6th Grade Goals
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