Principal's Message

Friends and Families,


Though winter is not officially here, the weather has arrived. Thank you, parents for bundling up your kids. When it is not too cold, wet, or smoggy, our kids will be outside. They need it. We all need it.

Our school year is in full gear and kids are engaged. When I visit and observe classrooms, our students are reading, writing, speaking, and even listening.  I love seeing all the work on the walls, the posters for Excellent Eagle that are coming in, and students producing in the classrooms.

Our art room is in full swing and amazing creations are coming out of there daily. It is so interesting to see the development of a child through art. From family stick figure scenes to three-dimensional spider creations, our students are developing and creating in visual arts. The really exciting part is that there is more to come. Our kiln is up and running and we are looking forward to seeing what comes out!

I was blown away by the 5th grade production about American history. I can’t lie but Elvis was my favorite (Thank you, Henry, thank you very much!) but they were all terrific. The parent volunteers and 5th grade teachers not only put in really long hours, but their talent may have even exceeded that! Big round applause for those parent volunteers!

Again, thank you everyone to your investment in our school and for our children!



Best Regards,


Tom Luthy

Principal, Indian Hills Elementary


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