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  • School - Parent - Student Compact


  • Playground, Classroom, Hallway, and Bathrooms Rules...



                Playground:     1.  Follow directions immediately.

                                        2.  Use equipment properly.

                                        3.  Running games on blacktop and grass only.

                                        4.  Play safe and have fun, and

                                        5.  Enter the building immediately after the bell.


                Classroom:      1.  Follow directions.

                                        2.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

                                        3.  Always walk and use an inside voice.

                                        4.  Respect self, others, and property, and

                                        (anything else the teacher or the class chooses as rules).


                Hallways:        1.  Follow directions immediately.

                                       2.  Always walk, don't run.

                                       3.  Use inside voices.

                                        4.  Keep hands and feet off the walls, and

                                        5.  Respect self, others, and property.


                Bathrooms:      1.  Keep bathrooms clean.

                                        2.  Use inside voices.

                                        3.  Flush, wash, and toss.

                                        4.  Leave promptly.




  • Indian Hills Emergency Plan and Diagram

    Emergency Drills… 

         Fire Drills:  Utah State safety code requires eight (8) fire drills throughout the course of the school year.  The first few drills are announced.  Later drills will be unannounced.  A fire evacuation plan is below.  Please review the plan carefully with your students.  Classroom doors and windows should be shut and lights should be turned off.  To insure safety,  

    teachers should be the last ones to leave the room accounting for all children.  Specific staff members will be assigned to check bathrooms.  A student fire drill captain can be appointed to help students exit and congregate in the pre-designated reunification area.  On the occasion a fire should block your exit, and alternative exit should be designated.  Teachers MUST have a copy of their class roster.  Neither teachers nor students are to re-enter the building until informed to do so by the principal, custodian, or secretary. 

    Secondary Relocation Site: In the event the building and/ or grounds are determined to be unsafe the secondary relocation site is the church located at 1300 South and Wasatch Drive. Teachers must determine the safest route to the site and conduct a student accountability upon reaching the site. The principal or his designee will account for all classes. Teachers must document the departure of students when parents arrive at the site to retrieve their students. 

    Earthquake and Shelter –in-Place:  Indian Hills Elementary will hold annual earthquake and shelter-in-place drills.  The earthquake alarm and tornado alarm are the same sound or your will receive an announcement on the intercom.  All students should crouch down beside their desk and remain there until informed by the principal, custodian, or secretary.  Adults may stand under the safety of doorways.  Doors must remain unlocked.  In the auditorium, students and teachers should get against the walls. 


    Select the document below to see the Emergency Plan Diagram.



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