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Eagle Update - 2/12/24

Greetings Families and Friends, 

Each year our PTO sponsors DEAR WEEK DEAR week flier 2024.pdf  The reading happens at home and the activities are during lunch. It is such a fun way to support reading. Our kids love it! We are so grateful for all our PTO does for our school. Reading just makes our lives better! 

This Week 

M-Th, Regular Day, 7:55-2:30PM 

Friday, Short Day, 7:55-1PM 

It is DEAR Week, see above for the flyer with all the details. 

Wednesday, School Community Council (SCC) at 7AM in the library. This is a special meeting. Our next year’s land trust budget has been allocated, and due to next year’s projected enrollment increase, our budget will increase too. Further, we are inviting families who are enrolling next year too. It will be a great time to get to know each other and share ideas about how best to allocate our resources to our students. We hope to see you then. Here’s the agenda,  School Community Council 2-28-24 Meeting.pdf 

Thursday, For the Upcoming Arts Night, Planning is underway and our first committee meeting will be next Thursday, Feb. 22nd, right after drop off in the PTO room. 

Donuts After Drop-Off (something special for grown-ups) - This Friday @ 8am 

         Stick around by the flagpole after drop-off for donuts & coffee and a chance to mingle with other IHE parents.  

        This is a great chance to get to know other grown-ups, while fueling up for the day! 

Upcoming Items 

Counselor’s Corner 

Here is a quick breakdown of what we’ll be working on during SEL this week: 

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade – Emoger #2 Count to 10: Identify how we can use the emotional management strategy: Count to 10. 

3rd Grade – Emoger #3 Breathe 5x: Identify how we can use the emotional management strategy: Breathe five times. 

4th Grade – Drawing Closer (Part 1):  Identify ways we can respond to our peers to show we respect their opinions and perspectives 

5th Grade – What's Your Jigsaw (Part 1): "Define, identify, and share your passions with others. Describe an interest. Create a list of things that interest us. Create a list of interests we would like to explore. Define a skill. Create a list of skills that we already have and list of skills we would like to develop." 

6th Grade – Practice Your Path: What strategies do you use to get better at something?  

SLCSD Stakeholder Survey 

You may have recently received an email from the district asking you to participate in the Salt Lake City School District Stakeholder survey. We ask and encourage you take the time to respond to this survey. This survey offers parents, students, teachers, and school leaders an opportunity to respond to questions about their experiences with the district and our schools. This survey provides valuable insights into how we can better serve you and our students. Thank you for using part of your valuable time to participate in this survey. 

Junior Achievement Volunteer Opportunities 

We are really looking forward to junior achievement this spring and need to start coordinating our volunteers. This is such a fun and easy way to be involved with your child's class. Junior Achievement consists of volunteer led lessons that help students understand the world around them better, inspiring them to dream big and reach their potential.  

This program is only successful with parent volunteers. If you would like to help in your child's classroom, please sign up, via the following link... 

ARTS Night 2024 will be here before you know it! Mark your calendars!  

ARTS Night is a great way to get involved at the school and to support the many ways ARTS Night benefits our kids, and we need volunteers! There are opportunities to volunteer on committees to prepare for the event and to volunteer the night of (or both!).  

Please reach out to Mandy Moore (801-633-2498) or Cassie Taylor (801-541-2735) to sign up or to ask any questions.  

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!  

April 1-5, 2024 Spring Break 

Open Houses 

With the Board of Education’s vote to close four elementary schools and adjust boundaries at 14 other elementary schools, we will be seeing changes in our district in the next few months. A goal we have is to create new and welcoming school communities as many students transition to a new school for the 2024-25 school year. One of the first ways we hope to make these transitions as smooth as possible is through school open houses and other events. Each elementary school impacted by the coming changes will host an open house in the next few weeks to welcome new students and help them get to know their new classmates and new schools. All affected schools will host at least one event by Friday, February 16, 2024. 

For details on these open houses, a list of dates and times can be found on the district website

Optimistic Closure 

I wanted to share this from our lunch crew who serve our kids meals every day. This team was our “Educators of the Month” and were celebrated at our monthly assembly, 

Just a quick email. 

I want to Thank You so much for admiring Amalia as well as myself today, I was so emotional. 

Being at Indian Hills for 25 years has been so wonderful, “who can say that they love their job everyday”. 

Regards, Carrie Sackett 

Enjoy the rest of Sunday, everyone! 


Tom Luthy 


Indian Hills Elementary, Salt Lake City School District 

801.584.2908 ext. 1610  

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