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Buy Our Own Technology,Inc. (BOOT)

A Utah not-for-profit corporation supporting Indian Hills Elementary School

P.O. Box P.O. 522216.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84152


Our Mission

BOOT''s main purpose is to enhance our children''s educational experience and environment. Established in September, 1995, by concerned Indian Hills Elementary School parents, teachers, and administrators, BOOT was formed for the purpose of funding various needs of our children that are not funded by the Salt Lake City School District. Currently, the Salt Lake City School District funds Indian Hills at one-half the national average, leaving many basic educational needs without funding. All of the money donated to BOOT by parents, grandparents, administrators, teachers, and other friends of Indian Hills is used by BOOT to fund materials, equipment, projects, and programs that are critical to the quality of our children''s education at Indian Hills.

How Does BOOT Decide What to Fund?

There are no hard and fast rules. We are simply trying to make a positive difference in the most effective way we can, with a limited budget.

BOOT officers, teachers, administrators, parents, and volunteers hold regular, open monthly meetings, and anyone wishing to participate is welcome and encouraged to attend! In these meetings, most of our time is spent discussing and prioritizing how we can improve our school and our children''s overall educational experience. Ideas are solicited from the school''s administration, teachers, students, and parents.

Not surprisingly, priority is typically given to projects or programs that provide the greatest, most lasting benefit for the greatest number of students. Examples include the purchase of computers and technology, the installation of a new, safer playground, the purchase of science kits supplement to work in the classroom, and the purchase of pianos and musical instruments.

BOOT also funds activities, which by their nature are a short-lived experience but hopefully provide a lasting impression on our children. For example we supplement classroom field trip budgets to places like the Museum of Natural History, Hansen Planetarium, and Kingsbury Hall.

Occasionally an idea is raised which benefits a limited number of students. Such ideas are not discouraged, but must be weighed versus those benefiting greater numbers of students. Please do not assume that an idea will be turned down. We do not want to discourage the flow of good ideas, and welcome you to bring them to BOOT! Every idea will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What is I Have An Idea Needing Funding, and How Do I Approach BOOT?

If you have an idea that you believe can enhance our children''s educational experience, by all means bring it to BOOT. You can do so by:

  • Attending a BOOT meeting
  • Contacting a BOOT officer or participant, or
  • Contacting principal Thomas Luthy

Sometimes there are questions regarding whether or not a project is eligible for funding by BOOT under the rules of the Salt Lake City School District. For example, it has been determined that the school needs desks, but this type of expenditure is not eligible for BOOT funding under District rules.

How Does the Yearly Classroom Stipend Work?

The stipend is intended as a supplement to help teachers address otherwise unmet classroom needs. Subject to District rules, teachers are free to use their supplement at their discretion to help their students as they see fit.

All of us at BOOT thank you for your efforts on behalf of our children, and we want to help by encouraging and supporting continuous improvement through raising funds and applying them to meaningful projects and programs.

If you have any questions about BOOT, how we can help Indian Hills, an idea you are contemplating, or anything else, please do not hesitate to come to the next BOOT meeting.