Principal's Message

Dear Indian Hills Community,

            Having unbalanced classrooms has never been good for student. Starting next year, it will not be good for teachers either. The legislature has mandated a part of teachers’ pay be determined by student performance based on assessment. This means that an unbalanced class could negatively affect teacher pay. For example, if we were to assign a majority of students who historically do very well on testing to Teacher A and assign students who have historically struggled with testing to Teacher B; compensation for poor Teacher B would be negatively affected. This is simply not fair. As we assign students to teachers we use at least eight different factors. Assuring students are assigned to classes with their best friends, unfortunately, cannot be one of the factors. Therefore, we will change the way we accept request at parent teacher conferences. We would like your input regarding academic concerns, but we will not accept requests for specific teachers. We will continue to ensure the best fit between student and teacher, but we must also ensure balanced classes. Once lists have been completed we will not make changes. Your teachers and I would be happy to discuss any issues you may have, but if you continue to have concerns, I encourage you to voice your opinion to your legislator. Thank you in advance for helping us out with this difficult task.

            Enjoy the spring weather and, as usual, thank you for making Indian Hills Elementary a place where exceptional is commonplace.



                                                                                                Earl R. Arnoldson, EdD

                                                                                                Indian Hills Elementary

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